The Nuria's rack railway has been the one and only cog railway in Spain for a long time, due to its brother in Montserrat being closed and dissassembled because an accicent until its comeback. It was inaugured in 1931, and even though Montserrat steam locomotives were used in its construction, the train's traction has always been done with electric locomotives, E-1 to E-4.

The company that owned the railway, the FCGP (High Grounds rack Railway), started to  have some problems related to funds and money, and that didn't help maintain the good state of the line. In 1982 and having negotiated quite a few times with la Generalitat, this line becomes a part of the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan railways of the Generalitat), that being the only company that used cog railways at the time.

The whole railway was redone and new materials were purchased, including new machinery that is currently supporting great use. At this time it has become quite a nice turistic location, a must see.

He faced the new millennium with a material made specifically for this rack by the Staedler factory with two cars, then came an hybrid locomotive and several intermediate cars. In addition, purchases of surplus material were made to the Swiss MGB.